New IP Lawyers is looking for partners!

Our innovative Network is currently looking for partners and collaborators to achieve its ambitions.

New IP Lawyers’ collaborators may contribute to the livelyness of the network at different levels. Partners may bring their art and expertise to the debates organised online and during conferences but also show moral and financial  support for more events to be organised.

New IP Lawyers believe in exploring the innovative spirit in the sector of law, science and technology. We fully believe in an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the multifaceted societal phenomena and offer efficient solutions to the new challenges that the information society and the newly emerging technologies will increasingly pose in the future in the legal domain and the scientific field.

Therefore, we welcome any individual or group interested in IP law in general and in our project in particular, to promote innovation and creativity. Please don’t hesitate to write us  at:

Law Firms

New IP Lawyers wish to work hand in hand with high profile practitioners.

The network is currently looking for partners to take part in, fund and host its seminars and annual conferences. The network offers a variety of sponsorship packages, if your are in interested in supporting our project and being involved, do not hesitate to contact us or email us.


The network is grateful for the support of the following institution:


In-House Artists

Alongside its hope to have artists joining the network as members, New IP Lawyers wish to work in close collaboration with artists in order to provide the best marketing and event coverage possible.

The network currently works with the talented photographer Bartosz Wozniak, who is reading Law at the University of Exeter. You can find some of his work here.

Companies and Technology startups

Research Institutions


CIPPM: Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management


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