What is NewIPL looking for?

NewIPL is open to all intellectual property (IP) enthusiasts….the world over. We welcome new members, so if you are interested email us at newiplawyers@gmail.com or contact us here. 

 See below for more information about joining us and what our Network entails.

What do you need to do to become a member of NewIPL?

At present, the formalities to join are very simple. If you would kindly provide us with an email address, a short biography describing your interest in intellectual property, as well as a picture, we will then add your profile to our website and your name to our mailing list. Adding a photograph to your profile is of course only optional but we have found it useful to network. Your profile will be added to our repository of members. To visit our members’ page here: click here.

What does the network entail?

The network being rather recent, it is still a work in progress. Its first event was held in June this year (22-23 June 2015), but we hope to have future occasions to meet soon. At present, the network offers to gather all interested new IP lawyers together on a mailing list so that we can share news, updates and events quickly and efficiently between us. As soon as the network takes off and members contribute to it consistently, we will publish a newsletter to be circulated around.  It also publishes a blog to which all members are encouraged to contribute freely and as creatively as they wish, by emailing us with their entries to newiplawyers@gmail.com.

 At our inaugural event, ideas and interests with regard to running a forum where members could share resources and works in progress as well as a seminar series were voiced. Future projects will be thought through and submitted to the network members for feedback on what they wish to see being built by New IP Lawyers and what they feel would be useful to them. In other words, any comments and thoughts most welcome! We ought to create an open, friendly and supportive environment, so the more members contribute to shaping this project, the better!

 Where are we?


Our network can be found on various online platforms. First there is our website (this website : newiplawyers.org) but also on twitter (@NewIPL), on Facebook (New Intellectual Property Lawyers – we accept all requests to enter!) and on Linkedlin.

 If you have any suggestions as to where the network should feature do let us know, we welcome any constructive and supportive comments.

 On Land

The founding committee is physically located at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) but as you will soon realise by visiting our Members’ page our network has already spread its wings beyond the region of Devon and the frontiers of the United Kingdom.

 We look forward to counting you amongst the ranks of our network members!