New Intellectual Property Lawyers (NewIPL) is the Network of Young Practitioners and Academics in Intellectual Property Law

The vigorous infusion of intellectual property into all corners of our lives has unleashed many sophisticated questions and intensified its social and cultural impact. Global actors have reacted to these effects from their own points of view. However, the repercussions of intellectual property (IP) policies on culture and the economy still require our close attention with a different outlook. For that reason, the New IP Lawyers network is the first endeavour to create a hub for new and young lawyers as well as non-lawyers who share different interests spanning IP, culture, science, creativity, invention and the law (interdisciplinary perspective). With a “the more, the merrier” approach, the Network looks for more and more members to start a lively and genuine conversation. By creating a buzz among its members, the Network aims (1) to offer a fresh approach to national and international IP law by bridging interests between academia, business, and practice and (2) to build a visible and vibrant global community which draws attention to and influences the future directions of IP law.

To this end, slowly, together, we will be able to increase the links and open discussion spaces where few previously existed in the IP world. With this exciting prospect, we now invite all researchers, practitioners, artists, scientists and those who are dealing with IP issues to create this hub. We believe that creativity, invention and innovation have no boundaries.

Our website is the online portal of the Network. It contains information about our members, partners and sponsors, but also about the events we run and the network’s blog (the IPowL Blog).


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