For anyone interested in writing for the IPowL blog, please take a few minutes to read this.

IPowL Blogging Tipsheet

  • Aim for short, snappy posts of 500-750 words or less: The aim is to present your opinion or information in information bytes that is easy to read on-the-go. Our audience mainly consists of young professionals, the majority of who do not have the time to read lengthy pieces. To paraphrase badly, brevity is the soul of blogging.
  • Keep it simple: Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well.” Thus, E=mc2 was born. Please try to explain concepts in layperson’s terms; the IPowL blog is meant to be read by people of varied skill levels and familiarity with intellectual property concepts.
  • Cite, cite, cite ….. and cite some more: Please link to references liberally; linking to other blogs, sites, news sources, articles and academic sources is strongly encouraged. If in doubt, please err on the side of caution and cite the source; the IPowL Editorial Team will make the ultimate decision to add, keep or remove citations.
  • Keep your personal opinions…. respectful: The Editorial Team is happy to encourage the spirit of open, healthy and respectful debate on the blog. Opposing views and opinions are encouraged, in the spirit of intellectual discourse. However, plagiarism, name-calling or viewpoints without a justifiable rationale will not be tolerated…. or published. Balance is key.
  • Optimize your Search Engine Ranking (SEO): To ensure your post, and the IPowL blog, begin to rank better on search engines, please search for relevant keywords using For example, typing in “copyleft” gives you a list of keywords that people have searched, relating to the term. We suggest using these keywords in relevant places throughout your post.
  • Bow to the gods of Meta Data: Also, please make the introduction to your posts (the first 50-100 words) especially engaging; the first two lines show up as “metadata” in search engine searches, and the more entertaining they are, the more likely people will click on – and read – the fruits of your intellectual rigour.
  • Timely topics maketh prompt posts: Make this your mantra while looking for blogging topics; the more recent a topic, the more likely it will catch the interest of a wider audience. If in doubt, setting Google alerts always helps!
  • Pictures, figures and media: If you are providing us with your own for any of these, please specify the source, and whether you asked for permission to use the pictures, figures, media etc. The IPowL Editorial Team will request proof that permission has been granted for every piece of media submitted for publication. If you are in doubt, or do not know how to ask for permission, please email us. By default, if you do not provide us with post images, we will use Creative Commons to source images for your posts.
  • Feedback and publication: The IPowL Editorial Team will edit each article; comments and acceptance status of blog entries will then be emailed to the author by one or more “lead” member of the team. For the rest of the editorial and publication process, please communicate with your assigned lead editor.
  • Contact: To send us blog fodder i.e. posts, please email We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts!


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