Conference TILTing Perspectives 2017: ‘Regulating a connected world’

Next May 17-19 the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) at Tilburg University will host the Conference TILTing Perspectives 2017: ‘Regulating a connected world’. TILTing 2017 brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and civil society at the intersection of law and regulation, technology, and society to share insights, exchange ideas and formulate, discuss and suggest answers to contemporary challenges related to technological innovation. The conference will include plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and panel discussions with invited speakers, as well as presentations from respondents to the call for papers. The program (first version) with abstracts is now available. The conference features four large tracks where the following keynote speakers have confirmed their attendance:

1. Privacy track and PLSC-Europe (Privacy Law Scholars Conference model): Christopher Slobogin and Gary T. Marx
2. Healthcare track: Flis Henwood and Irene Schluender
3. Intellectual Property track: Maciej Szpunar and John Golden
4. Data Science track: Sean McDonald and Solon Barocas

TILTing 2017 will also host other interesting events.

GikII Workshop
TILTing 2017 will contain a ‘GikII’ style workshop that brings together the worlds of law, technology and popular culture for the purpose of discussing whether geek law exists. In the first workshop held in London (2006) they discussed, among others topics, whether we need a new legal regime for the regulation of virtual property and copyright law, anime, fansubs.
If you have a paper burning for the oxygen of publicity on any aspect of law and technology, science, geek culture, blogs, popular culture, wikis, science fiction or fantasy, computer games, digital culture, gender on-line, MMORPGS, virtual property or online human personae, you can submit a geeky title and abstract to contribute to the discussion.

IAPP Privacy Paper Award
During the conference, the IAPP Privacy Paper Award will be presented. By now, the list of jury members is already available.

‘We Are Data Mirror Room’
During the conference you will be able to visit the ‘We Are Data Mirror Room’. Inside, visitors will be watched and monitored without them knowing, in order to examine how far technology might enter in their private domain for them to still feel comfortable. In the room, participants will experience what it is like to become data, and they will be free to choose what personal data they keep to themselves.

Social program
As part of the conference, they have planned an (optional) social event for the evening of May 18. They will visit the local Brewery De Roos, the only remaining authentic village brewery in the Netherlands (1877), where they will take a guided tour followed by drinks and appetizers.

Do not miss this inspiring event and register now!





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