Our 1st seminar series “Ethics of IPRs: Challenges & Solutions”

On 17 March 2017, I organized a workshop “Ethics of IPRs: Challenges & Solutions”* on behalf of New IP Lawyers at Bournemouth University. The workshop aimed at giving feedback to doctoral work in different intellectual property areas. I was pleased to receive numerous interesting proposals and hear thoughtful presentations on PhD topics. Participants approached their topics from different perspectives: philosophical, law & economics, economics, legal theory, etc. It was particularly useful to see how students work in an interdisciplinarily in order to give a bigger picture of the specific research question. I was even more content to notice the time and thoughts experienced discussants dedicated to the students.

The workshop received positive feedback both from the participants. Prof. Ruth Towse was very kind to write a thoughtful 3-page report on copyright issues. She clearly explains 3 major points related to ethics & copyright. In addition to copyright issues, I think that Ruth’s clarification on the following points is most relevant for those with a legal background:

  1. The difference between Law & Economics and Economics
  2. The difference between Efficiency & Equity (lawyers tend to confuse these concepts)
  3. The relationship between technological progress & law (I believe this emphasizes the dynamic nature of markets)

Ruth gives examples to illustrate her ideas. Therefore, I am sure that everyone will enjoy reading her report.

Other comments from PhD students are:

Matej Gera, Bournemouth University: “Overall, top-notch event, I enjoyed it very much, congratulations on such a good organisation. :)”

Thomas Kirchberger, Johannes Kepler University Linz ” Dear Viola, thank you again for organising this wonderful workshop. Thank you also to the CIPPM, Maurizio and the BU for making it possible. As someone who participates at a lot of workshops, seminars and conferences, I have to say that this one stood out to me as a very specialised event with a wonderful discussion atmosphere. Although 20 minutes for presentation are short, and 10 minutes of discussion even tighter, I enjoyed having the benefit of being able to hear a lot of different research questions and topics in one single day.

Thank you also for keeping a look at the stopwatch, this is, as I know, the hardest part of being a workshop responsible. The breaks and “after-party“ made it possible to extend discussions anyway. I’m very happy to have participated and having met you and all the participants, I’ll be definitely keeping in touch with some of them.”

LLM students in IP at Bournemouth University

Zhivka Amudzheva “Thank you very much for inviting me to this event. I found all topics very exciting. It was a pleasure for me to listen to all of the participants’ presentations.

The program of the event is available here:


Particular thanks to those who supported this event and to those who strengthened my confidence, my patience, and my multitasking skills.

I look forward to contributing to the IP community at our forthcoming event in Milan in this Seminar Series.

For more on the topic and call for papers see https://newiplawyers.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/2017-new-ip-lawyers-workshop-series/


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